Cake Mix – How to Turn a Boxed Cake Into a Real Bakery Cake

A cake mix is a combination of dry ingredients that can be used to make cakes. Depending on the flavor, it may include common baking staples such as flour and sugar. It can also contain other ingredients that are unique to the flavor, like cocoa powder for chocolate cakes.


After World War II, cake mixes really took off. Major flour companies such as General Mills and Pillsbury began to market them.

It’s convenient

While the process of making a cake from scratch can be relaxing and enjoyable, it’s not always feasible for busy home cooks. This is where boxed cakes come in handy. Many cake mix brands have a range of flavors that are easy to use for any occasion. You can also add a variety of mix-ins for an even more delicious and unique cake.

These mixes are easy to use and eliminate the delicate techniques of cake baking, like creaming butter and sugar. They also contain most of the dry ingredients, such as flour, sugar, leavening agents, and flavorings, so you can simply add wet ingredients, such as eggs and water or oil to get a tasty, fluffy cake.

Most of these mixes call for a cup of water on the ingredient list, but swapping it out with melted butter will make your cake taste more homemade. This will also help it retain its moisture, giving you a lighter crumb.

While cake mix has become a staple in most homes, there are some people who don’t like the taste or texture of these products. These people are often looking for a more “homemade” experience. The truth is that these mixes do not taste very different from a homemade cake, but they do have the advantage of being very convenient.

It’s easy

Cake mix is convenient to use, and can be a lifesaver when time or ingredients are short. However, it is important to follow the instructions carefully to avoid dry cakes. It is also best to avoid storing it in the refrigerator, as leavening ingredients lose their effectiveness when frozen.

Most boxed mixes call for water, which makes the cakes quick and easy to prepare. But water tastes like, well, water, so swapping it for a liquid with more flavor can make your cakes taste more homemade. Try using milk, or even buttermilk, which adds richness and a fluffy crumb. You can also use melted butter to improve the flavor and moistness of your cake.

You can also add other wet ingredients to your cake mix, such as room-temperature cream cheese, ricotta, or whole-fat yogurt. You can also use a different type of oil, such as fragrant olive or peanut oil. And don’t forget to try brown butter, which gives your cakes a deep, complex flavor.

If you are planning on making a cake mix as a gift, be sure to label the container with all of the wet ingredients needed, and baking instructions. Also, be sure to place it in a dark place and away from sunlight. You can also freeze the mixture, but this is not recommended because it will lose its leavening ingredients if frozen.

It’s delicious

A good cake mix is versatile and can be used for a variety of desserts. Typically, it contains baking staples like flour and sugar as well as ingredients that are unique to the specific cake flavor (like cocoa powder for chocolate cakes). Once the dry ingredients are mixed together, you’ll only need to add wet ingredients to make your favorite cake. You can also store the mix in a container and have it on hand for the next time you need a quick dessert.

Aside from the convenience of a cake mix, it’s also delicious. There are a few ways to improve the taste of your cake mix, but most involve swapping out some of the wet ingredients. You can replace the water with milk, coffee, or even soda to make your cake taste richer and more homemade.

Another way to make a cake mix more delicious is to add some melted butter or oil to it. This will give your cake a moist and fluffy texture. It’s best to use an organic melted butter, as it is more likely to be free of additives and preservatives.

If you want to give a cake mix as a gift, you can layer the dry ingredients in a mason jar and tie it with a bow. It’s also a great idea to include a tag with the wet ingredients needed and the temperature at which the cake should be baked.

It’s versatile

Whether you’re baking a stacked layer cake or cupcakes, you can easily use a cake mix to create something delicious. Just add a few simple ingredients and you’ll have a gorgeous dessert that will wow your family and friends. But if you want to go beyond the basic cake mix, there are some hacks that will make your cake taste like it came from a bakery.

Most cake mixes call for water in their ingredients list. You can swap out the water with a liquid with more flavor and a higher fat content. For example, try whole milk or your favorite non-dairy milk (almond, oat, and coconut milk work especially well). You can also use melted butter to enhance the flavor and provide a moist crumb. Other options include brewed coffee or soda (Sprite or 7 Up work best with vanilla / yellow cake), or even stout beer for chocolate cakes.

Using a cake mix can save you time, money, and effort in the kitchen. It’s also great for when you’re in a rush and don’t have time to bake from scratch. The trick is to know how to use it. If you’re a beginner, start by making basic cakes and then move on to more advanced recipes. You can even use the cake mix to make frosting and fillings.